Nov 22, 2017

How Many Calories to Really Start Losing Weight?

For many of us, while we work tirelessly to meet our weight loss goals, one thing we dread the most is getting on the scale to check our progress. Losing weight is a hard battle fought by many people; leaving some feeling victorious, but many others feeling frustrated and defeated as the plateau effect sets in. We read endless natural weight loss tips, most of which are total BS.

So, when you are just starting your weight loss program out or you need a refresher course in the middle, it's very good to have an understanding of losing weight in the simplest of terms. There have been so many eating and exercise fads throughout the course of time; South Beach, raw food, Booty Ballet, Hip Hop Abs, and so on.

Though in reality, there are a multitude of factors which can affect weight loss. It's not always as simple as exercising a bit to lose weight, nor is it always just a matter of curbing your diet slightly to lose weight. So, why might eating less not have the desired result you may expect?

Because, if you do not eat enough, signals are sent to the brain to slow down your metabolism, and this is counter productive as a faster metabolism aids in burning calories faster. Another common cause for difficulty in a weight loss program is the frequently used expression, "I exercised today, so I can eat whatever I want." Well, maybe if you're training for the Iron Man, that could fly, but for the average person it will drastically curb the progress made from exercising.

Best way to look at it is like a math equation: Burn more calories than you consume. I know, it's a simple way to look at it, but it's a thought that unfortunately gets lost on a lot of people. Moreover, an important thing to think about when you're thinking about how many calories you've consumed is, what kind of calories were they?

Were they calories made up with good fats like avocado? Or were they empty calories like junk food? So, whether you're eating thousands of calories a day and following it up with several hours in the gym, or you're keeping a careful eye on what you eat, while walking for extended lengths with your family, the trick to losing weight is remembering to burn more calories than you consume.

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