Jun 07, 2017

Should An 8 Handicap Play Blades or Other Irons?

Blades Iron Set

I need to know what irons I should buy I am a 8 handicap and I am looking to improve my game....?

I am a 8 handicaper and I am looking for a new set of irons. I have a pare of old rawlngs that I got from a poundshop, and I am looking to up my game. I don't know if I should buy a pair of blades of if I should go with a more forgiving club? I am not looking to buy something that is too expensive. I have tryed out the tileist older models and I like them but my friend has a pair of ben hogen apex and need some extra help.

It depends on what you need from your clubs and your skill level.

If you find that you need to put alot of spin on your ball to get it near the cup then go for blades, if not then go for cavity back irons which are more forgiving.
If your a short hitter go for graphite shafts, if you play on a tight course where accuracy is important your better off going for steel shafts.
If your course is tight and the whether conditions are often windy then you might also consider a 1 or 2 iron for use off the tee to keep the ball lol and straight. However if you have trouble with consistency then you better off sticking with your woods.

You better off going down to your local pro and getting a set of clubs custom fitted as buying clubs that dont fit can damage your game. Personally i like Hippo, i find them as good as the other brands but alot cheaper as they dont plow so much money into advertising.

At an 8 handicap i would also suggested buying a gap, sand and lob/rescue wedge and replacing some of your irons or woods with these, as ultimately its from 100yards in that your score, and differant wedges will allow you to do this better.  If you want to find a fitter near your area check out Net Golf Games and look in their "Fitter" section.  I think you'll find what you need there.