Feb 09, 2017

What You Most likely Do not know About Med Spa Services


EMINENCE PEEL: This is the most popular peel at Medspa 21. It is a medium depth peel that combines a number of various peels into one session and helps to fix coloring, exfoliation and fine lines offering an over all more younger and refreshed look to your skin tone. A single STATUS PEEL produces remarkable lead to all patients and a series might be suggested for more mature skin concerns. The PRESTIGE PEEL consists of a. personalized post-peel treatment bundle and specific instructions on the best ways to enhance your outcomes. and take care of your skin during the post-peel recovery. phase.

RADIANCE PEEL: Sparkle Peel produces the radiant skin of a stronger peel and is gentle enough. to be utilized every two weeks. Sparkle Peel is advised for more youthful grownups and adults who have. never ever had a peel It is perfect for individuals looking for rapid outcomes in a much shorter duration of time since. sessions can be repeated at shorter intervals than with other peels including the Eminence Peel. A. single treatment with our LUSTER PEEL will create glowing results that you can extend using. proper skin care and sun security. It is the perfect treatment prior to any major event in your life. consisting of weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays, in reality, any time you want to have. extraordinary looking skin. The RADIANCE PEEL includes a personalized post-peel treatment plan and. specific directions on ways to optimize your outcomes and take care of your skin during the post-peel. healing phase. Visit medical spa near me

MELANAGE PEEL: This. personalized peel is the dream peel for any one with irregular coloring on their face or neck. Commonly known as Melasma, this peel will lessen any irregular pigmentation and paired with our. top of the line coloring service, LUMIXYL( Link), your skin will have the most even tone. possible.

CHEMICAL PEELS: Chemical peels at Medspa 21 are customized to fix each customer's individual. skin problem. Our estheticians can personalize any solution to fix chronic acne, acne scars, sun. damage, irregular pigmentation, great lines and laxity. We have 30% salicylic acid for acne susceptible. skin, 14% modified Jessner's for acne vulnerable or sun-damaged skin, 17% AlphaBeta for appropriate uneven. pigmentation, 15% TCA for aging or sun damaged skin and all peels can be integrated with Hydrafacial. treatments and our outstanding skin care products for incredible results.


gloMicrodermabrasion: Exfoliate, fixes and renews. your skin. Glo serum is added to the microdermabrasion to give boosted. outcomes.

gloEnzyme with Microdermabrasion: This enzyme facial with microdermabrasion assists to cleanse your skin, clearing. out your pores and making your skin clear and radiant.

gloLactic with Microdermabrasion: This is the best micro-peel for aging skin producing a fast outcome with no. downtime. Perfect for people wanting a fast result.

Vita-C microdermabrasion: Perfect for sun damaged skin. Vitamin C helps heal the damage and refresh your skin. giving it the nourishment it needs.


glo21: This is Medspa 21's leading facial. service. A 75 minute escape to unwind, refresh, replenish and renew and is customized for your skin. type.

clear21: This is. the finest clarifying facial for acne vulnerable skin and includes 60 minutes of deep cleaning,. anti-bacterial and refining skin treatment in a relaxing environment.


LASER HAIR ELIMINATION: Medspa 21 is the home of two of the top. estheticians in Houston. We use numbing cream prior to starting the treatment and have. constant Zimmer cooling making hair removal essentially pain-free. Hair removal typically. requires 4-6 treatments and retouch treatments in 6-12 months. Do not let anybody inform you it is. long-term. Your body develops brand-new hair roots with time, which is why the retouch is needed! Laser hair removal is irreversible for each roots treated. This treatment at Medspa 21 makes. hair removal as long-term as possible!

LASER PICTURE TREATMENTS: Pigmentation can be unsightly and. make your skin appear older than you want it to look. The estheticians at Medspa 21 are specialists in helping to minimize. pigmentation anywhere you do not desire it. Dr. Marino. is constantly on website and available for assessment to evaluate any coloring if. needed. Photo treatments can be performed on any. skin surface area including hands, arms, face, legs, neck, declotee or even post-surgical. locations. The estheticians might also suggest. customized chemical peels, Hydra-Facial with LED light treatments and skin care products to assist. keep your complexion even and radiant.

LASER VEIN TREATMENTS: Hyper-vascularity and varicose. veins are common problems that can be dealt with successfully at Medspa 21. Our estheticians are. meticulously skilled in treating undesirable vascular modifications consisting of Rosacea and spider. veins. Post laser treatment for vascular changes may likewise include Hydra-Facial with LED light. and skin care products to assist decrease the risk of. recurrence.

LASER SKIN TIGHTENING UP: Loose skin is a typical problem as we age and our estheticians will creatively treat your skin with our laser to tighten the. locations that will produce the ideal outcomes. Laser skin tightening up is an outstanding choice for. skin tightening on the face, neck and declotee. Our estheticians might likewise recommend LipoEx for larger locations or full face and neck, chemical peels, Hydra-Facial with. LED and our vast array of skin care items to assist. keep and optimize the tone of your skin.