Nov 21, 2016

Professional Tennis & HGH

Human Growth Hormone Myths

According to history, centuries ago, the explorer Ponce de Leon sought in vain for a fountain of youth. Even today, consumers browse the shops, sailing through a sea of television ads, Internet and radio, and surf the Internet for an elixir to help maintain a lean and strong and smooth skin. Some traders modern pills and sprays claim to have found a fountain of youth in a substance called HGH human growth hormone.

With so much bombardment of all kinds of products and brands in the market, there are also various myths, misconceptions and false assumptions associated with the use of human growth hormone.

Myth 1: HGH Sprays work faster than anything else

Fact: Remember, it is your pituitary gland that produces HGH in the body. Therefore, taking human growth hormone does not affect the gland itself. Even if this would enhance the pituitary function, there is no evidence that human growth hormone can be effectively absorbed through the mouth. The best way, therefore, would be something that would actually affect and "stimulate pituitary gland" to naturally release HGH. Taking a natural and safe herbal supplement, such as human growth hormone Advanced, acts exactly in the same way.

Myth 2: HGH can always enhance your height

Fact: This assumption or myth is absolutely untrue. While it is HGH that affects your height & stature especially in the developing phase of your life before the age of 21, no studies have proved that taking HGH by any means will actually help you grow taller after you have already achieved your maximum height. It should be remembered that our height usually stops growing at the age of 21 because of the fusion of the ends of our various body bones and their joints. Some people, however, go for 25 as the age when boys stop growing taller. These are, however, only rare exceptions.

Myth 3: HGH administration is always safe

Fact: Taking HGH is not always safe and its safety actually depends on a variety of factors such as the form human growth hormone is being taken in, your age, your diseased state and other physiological factors. Taking human growth hormone through injections or capsules, for example can have really serious effects such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels and various other physiological and even psychological side effects.

Myth 4: Taking HGH is same as taking "steroids".

Fact: Steroids while also hormones belong to an entirely different class of hormones that act in a different way and are composed differently. Steroids are mainly taken to "increase" your physical power and weight lifting / athletic ability. Another big difference between human growth hormone and Anabolic steroids is the fact that HGH is much easier to absorb without the need to inject. Also, unlike HGH, steroids do not have any "anti-aging" effect and are their long-term use is associated with more serious and frequent side effects as compared to HGH.  You've probably heard of many professional tennis players being suspended for using products like deer antler spray, megadrox testosterone booster and cycloadizine.  Most of these are banned as PED's and you should not use them if you are professional or compete in amateur sports where PED's are prohibited